1 0918 ACTIVITY 0628活動照片 2016 International Conference on Digital health
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網路成癮的辨識與輔導之系列影片已放在YouTube   影片一:小偉的故事_那段網路成癮的歲月 https://youtu.be/La4qVvfMqAg 影片二:小偉的故事_走出迷網逆轉勝  https://youtu.be/621TJs9Uo2o 影片三:3C管教小劇場_四...

《Events》Asian University Moocs Open Again: Internet Charm and Risk (Spring 2018) 2018-03-14
《TV Interviews》 [Interpretation Hall] Interpretation ‧ Detoxification - Internet Addiction 2017-12-12
《Top News> Project-Based-Learning Conference-Case conference of internet addiction 2017-11-21
《Top News》 Competition in finding risk factors of being internet use 2017-10-24
《Activity Information》The Workshop for Statistical Research 2017-08-28