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Addiction phenomenon

We have been devoted to the research for diagnosis, causes and consequences  and  prevention and treatment of Internet addiction.

(1) Have developed  screening and assessment tools for Internet addiction
(2) Have Investigated the prevalence of Internet addiction among children, adolescents, college students and established the path model for Internet addiction
(3) Have developed an effective program on the healthy use of four electronic products (television, computer, video game, smartphone) for young students
(4) Have developed an effective program to improve the Internet Gaming Addiction for the high-risk adolescents with up to 75% improving rates.
(5) Have designed strategies in effectively enhancing college students' self-efficacy and self-discipline for smartphone use to prevent smartphone addiction
(6) Have applied Artificial Intelligence to improve the prediction and treatment of Internet addiction 
(7) Have hosted academic, practical and policy exchanges between Institutes and organizations, such as exchanges with the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family, Republic of Korea, Cultural Development Center and Youth Network, Beijing , Education Bureau, Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
(8) Have hosted international and domestic Internet addiction seminars, forums, symposia and conferences annually, including:
2013 : “Encouraging Smart Internet Use, Learning with Happiness and Joy” Press Conference in the Ministry of Education
2014 : The Founding Conference of the Taiwan Association for Prevention and Treatment of Internet Addiction; The Reflection and Challenge of the MRT Massacre Tragedy: 2014 Internet Use with Health and Happiness Forum
2015 : “Healthy and Safe Internet Use, Healthy Digital Life” Forum and Press Conference
2016 :International Health Conference: Mental Development, Health Promotion and Crime Prevention in the Digital Age
2017 : International Conference on Digital Science, Psychology and Humanities
2018 : International Society of Internet Addiction Annual Conference and  International Symposia : Past, Present and Future of Internet Addiction and Internet Gaming Disorders
2019 : Forum on Multimodal Therapy for Internet Addiction and Gaming Addiction

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Holding the 2016 Forum on Mental Development, Health Promotion and Crime Prevention in the Digital Age

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Holding the 2018  International  Society  of  Internet Addiction Annual Conference and International Symposium