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Prevention programs

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We are devoted to the promotion of information literacy, healthy use of internet and the prevention and treatment of internet addiction by means of three levels of prevention.

Regarding to the plan from Industry-Government- Academia Cooperation Section, Service Learning and Volunteer Services Program, internet addiction service station has been set up in school counseling center, to provide primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of internet addiction.
a) Primary prevention - through the cooperation of Industry-Government-Academia        Cooperation Section, service learning and volunteer services program, promoting mental health education and correct information attainment among students and public; learn to manage of self-internet behavior.
b) Secondary prevention – based on Industry-Government-Academia Cooperation Section plan and intervention plan, to provide counseling service toward high-cared student and public in improper use of internet.
c) Tertiary prevention – to set up "healthful outpatient service" toward university, hospital and community.