Internet Addiction Prevention Class Briefing Competition

  • 2018-06-14
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Internet Addiction Prevention Class Briefing Competition
I. Purpose of the activity:
Due to the rapid development of science and technology and the transformation of social structure, the problem of Internet addiction has gradually become a problem that needs attention. Therefore, students are encouraged to use Project-Based Learning to design and implement Internet addiction programs and implement them in class, and then evaluate them. By discovering problems, finding relevant problem data, and group discussions, students can be aware of them. Insufficient knowledge and self-awareness, and better understanding of the possible harm caused by Internet addiction. In this way, students can review the effectiveness of entering the class, and then use brainstorming to find out their advantages and ways to improve. Finally, they will present the learning results through the briefing contest, and revise and improve through the feedback from teachers. Finished product.

Organizer: Asian University Internet Addiction Prevention Center.

3. Schedule of activities:
Date of activity: June 19, 107.
Announcement of winners: announced before June 21, 107, and the time and place for receiving prizes will be announced separately by the organizer.

All students who have attended the service learning activities of "Clinical Application of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy" and "Special Topics of Cognitive Behavior and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy" can register to participate.
Participants participate as a team.

V. Entry rules:
Contents of the work: According to the situation of attending the class of the Guangfu Middle School to enter the class of service and evaluation of this class, please introduce the service process, and evaluate the effectiveness and reflection, and present a documentary of the state of service for 3 minutes.
Participants are required to sign a work authorization and cut-off letter, agreeing that if selected as a shortlisted work (thematic), the Asian University Internet Addiction Prevention Center will be authorized for free to re-authorize the work for any time, region, and number of times. System, public display, public transmission, adaptation and dissemination, and promise not to exercise the copyright personality of the organizer.

6. Entries:
Presented as briefings and documentaries.
Entries must be created by the entrants themselves and not published. If they have been publicly exhibited or won prizes in other competitions, it will be verified that the organizer will be disqualified.

Seven, evaluation methods:
Two excellent works were selected and selected according to the review score. The list of winners will be published on the website of the Asian University Internet Addiction Prevention Center.
Invited Reviewer: Ye Cuiyu Clinical Psychologist

Eight, scoring rules:
(I) Scoring ratio
Team competition
Project effectiveness 35%
Learn to reflect 35%
Presentations and documentaries 30%
(Two) review
Entries are selected by the organizer in accordance with the rules of the event, and entries that meet the entry criteria can enter the competition. Participants shall respect the decision of the judges and shall not object to the results of the judges.
According to the score, two excellent works are selected. The list of winners will be published on the "Asian University Internet Addiction Prevention Center" webpage.

Nine, award content:
Number of awards
1st place 1 prize of NT $ 600 and a certificate of merit
2nd place 1 piece NT $ 600 bonus and a certificate of merit
(In order to ensure the level of winning works, if the entries do not meet the judging standards, the organizer may reserve the right to increase or decrease the award)

X. Notes for participation:
1. In order to encourage participants who are interested in creative work to contribute more excellent works, each team (person) has no limit to the number of submissions, and each team (person) chooses one and wins.
2. Candidate works (including text and pictures) must be their own works, and have not been published, awarded or published by any public competition and media, and have not infringed the copyright rights of third parties. If the content is plagiarized, reproduced, infringed, defamated, violates the privacy of others, obstructs the social customs and public order, or violates the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China, the finalists and prize winners will be disqualified, and the contributors shall be responsible for relevant laws.
3. In order to promote the benefits and results of this activity, participants should sign a work authorization and cut-off letter before the competition, agreeing that if selected as a finalist, the Asian University Internet Addiction Prevention Center will be authorized for free. The work is reproduced, publicly displayed, publicly transmitted, adapted, and distributed in any time, region, and number of times, and promises not to exercise the personality right of the organizer.
4. Participants should keep a backup copy or file by themselves. Entries will not be returned after submission. Entries have been reviewed without violation of the rules of this activity or related laws and regulations, and will be used for the use and sharing of Internet addiction prevention courses.
5. To participate in this event, please fill in personal information (such as name, mobile phone, e-mail address, etc.) in order to be notified of the prize. The use of data is in accordance with the provisions of the "Personal Data Protection Law" of the Republic of China.
6. The prizes of the winning works will be issued by "remittance". At that time, the winners must provide a payment account set up in the Republic of China and submit a copy of the ID card to facilitate the issue of prizes.
7. Participants must accept the provisions of this method. If there are any issues in this method, the organizer may add or amend at any time, mainly based on the latest announcement on the event website; The right to explain.
8. The bonuses of various awards are subject to income tax withholding in accordance with the provisions of the Republic of China income tax law (20% for foreign nationals; 10% for ROC nationals), and those related to other laws and regulations that must be withheld first, according to their regulations Handle.
9. All participants are deemed to agree and abide by the above provisions; the organizer reserves the right to modify the rules of the event, and post it on the official website of the event.